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Jana Philip, CMT




Jana Philip has always believed that it is her position in life to help others. She has demonstarted this desire in many different facets throughout her career, yet she never quite felt fulfilled until she became a Massage Therapist. 

Jana has many years of experience in a variety of positions including banking, health insurance and administration.  She then began a career in esthetics and worked as a hair dresser for 15 years.  Jana opened a facial room in the last salon she worked at and performed facials for the following 2 years.  She then decided to get her credientials in Massage Therapy and has been a massage therapist for the past 5 years. Jana has over 500 hours of education obtained in Southern California; 300 of those hours were at Goldenwest Community College where she studied the basics: Swedish, Acupressure, Anatomy and Reflexology.  Jana then completed another 100 hours at Healing Hands in Laguna Beach, where she learned about Sports and Circulatory Massage.  Intense Deep Tissue procedures incorporating Trigger Point therapy was studied at Lincoln Massage Therapy School in Orange County where she added yet another 100 hours to her repitoire.  Prenatal and Shiatsu therapies were delved into as well and she has worked with women in all stages of pregnancy and thereafter.

Jana is detail oriented in her approach to massage therapy and she strives for excellance during every session.  It is the complete relaxation and improvement in a patients overall well-being that drives her from day to day.  She is a confident therapist with a vast array of techniques and education.  It is with this knoweldge of the human body and anatomy that allows her to relieve, relax and rejuvinate her patients. 

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Physicians Youthful Resolutions has been absolutely amazing to me over the past year and a half of treatments. I had had nothing but compliments on the traumatic difference on how my port wine birthmark has faded and can hardly be seen.
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